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Song Description

"Save Me From Myself" opens up about the mental discomfort from holding two opposing beliefs or values while also spotlighting the liberation experienced as a result of working on self.

Save Me From Myself Mikayla Dones
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In the silence there's A new day beginning yet I'm stuck living in yesterday Alone with my thinking My thoughts tell me shit I shouldn't take I guess that explains What it tell you, What it tell you 'bout What it tell you, What it tell you 'bout Why I feel ashamed for all the mistakes I made And I know If I got a new day I can take a new way But I just keep holding on to the ease of what I know I got to move on from, oh won't You tell me Is it possible to save me from myself? When I been looking out For someone else to show up, help me now What it tell you, What it tell you 'bout I am amazed I finally faced What I thought was unknown No longer afraid bound and constrained The tears are rolling down I'm feeling better now That I'm back in oneness with You Your boundless love gave my life Made the slow descent to kiss me goodnight When I needed strength, When I needed a friend I find You always within So yes it's possible to save me from myself, In the silence there's just us and no one else Say it again, say it, say it again I don't have to choose a name on account of my faith I'm very grateful that I have You today You made it possible to save me from myself With You it's possible to save us from ourselves

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